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About Us

Hunt Enterprises, Inc. is a Lawndale, California based real estate company that develops and manages high ­quality residential communities throughout Southern California. For over fifty years, Hunt Enterprises has capitalized on the increasing need for family­ friendly housing by offering quality apartments with excellent amenities at competitive prices.

The company continues to strengthen its position as a market leader by developing new communities as well as acquiring existing properties and modifying them to meet the Hunt standards. Just as tenant satisfaction is a vital part of Hunt’s success, so is employee satisfaction and retention. The Hunt corporate team works as a cohesive group focusing on superior tenant services through attention to detail.

An important consideration in the years ahead will be the ability to remain flexible. Adapting to higher density housing caused by urban growth will reward those nimble enough to position themselves in markets where location, safety and livability will be measured by the bottom line. By adhering to these principles and meeting these needs, Hunt Enterprises will continue to be a market leader.